‘Agua Azul’ by Tenderhooks

Hands up who felt like they were sunning it up in an exotic location, whilst listening to ‘Tenderhooks’ latest masterpiece? If you didn’t, I expect you haven’t listened to it yet, so check it out on Bandcamp.

‘Agua Azul’ provides perfect tropical beats that make palm trees pop into your mind, along with sultry summer nights at beach bars that happen to have one of those fun, jazzy bands playing while you sip a cocktail from a coconut.

With a multitude of instruments to rival an orchestra, it’s a musical treat. Talented Markus Leinweber plays the piano as well as providing very listenable vocals, instructing you to ‘get yourself down to Southern Mexico’ (although the sunny vibe already does that!).

The sax makes it a bit calypso; some of the chords make it a bit mambo and the result is a slick, cheery offering that will make you smile. Play it twice and you’ll be singing along.

Lisa O’Connor 02/09/21


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